Christianity laid the foundation of our Western Culture with its emphasis on
  • The Worth of the Individual
  • The Sanctity of Life
  • The Establishment of the first Public Hospitals and Orphanages
  • Elevating the Status of Women
This book reveals how and why countries most influenced by Christianity have led the way to human progress in
  • Modern Science
  • Technology
  • Economic Productivity
  • Individual and Political Freedom
Howard includes discussions on:
  • Political-Economic Ideologies and Capitalism
  • Evolution, Tolerance, Charity, Values
  • Christian influence on Music, LIterature, Art, and the pioneering of Public Education and the First Universities
Today there is a slighting of Christianity and our political and cultural foundations.  In his book, Howard not only examines the influence of Christian doctrine but suggests ways to strengthen and preserve these fundamental beliefs.
This book was written to strengthen your Christian beliefs, and help you to appreciate the profound impact they have had on America and the world.  Read this book to appreciate how your Christian beliefs can build your own self-worth and strengthen your ability to live a more abundant life..
The Dynamic Influence of Christianity
Dynamic Influence of Christianity
Why is Christianity under Attack?  Ken Howard addresses that engaging question in his book.